Kefalonia Island - Αttractions

The island offfers endless possibilities, and places to visit. Here are some suggestions. Few out of many..



Melissani Lake : An absolutely "must see" in village Karavomilos. Crystal clear waters and unique geophysical sculptures, seen from a boat that guides you throught the entire lake. An unforgetable experience.        melissani
Drogarati Cave: The cave is dated more than 100 million years. It's concidered one of the most beautiful caves in Greece. The acoustics is unbelievable and from time to time concerts take place in it. Also a "not to miss" sight, near village Chaliotata.
Sami Village: The port of the island. A trully beautiful place to enjoy your walkabout, taste fresh fish and buy souvenirs. Surrounded by green mountains and water with amazing clarity.       sami
Mount Aenos: Words cannot describe the awesomeness of this majestic mountain. Black pine trees, fresh air and a breathtaking view, suggest an experience few people have the privilege to live. Become a part of nature's magic.       aenos
Saint Gerasimos Monastery: The patron saint of the island of Kefalonia. It's believed that the Holy Relics of the Saint, performs miracles. In 16th of August, in wich a great miracle occured, a huge bazaar takes place.
Argostoli: The capital of the island. Also surrounded by trees and beautiful beaches. Here you can find anything you desire, walk to Lithostroto with many stores, cafe's, bars and nightclubs. You will also find a variety of banks and public services.        argostoli
kefalonia-fiskardo Fiskardo Village: At the northern end of the island, maybe the most graphic landscape in Greece. Thousands of yaghts visit this amazing bay every year. Also surrounded by an amazing scenery.